SFB Transregio 7 - Gravitational Wave Astronomy

School on "Structure and dynamics of compact objects"

The Albert Einstein Institute has hosted a summer school on the physics of compact objects, with emphasis on the modelling of gravitational wave sources from September 20-25 2004.

The school has been organized by Jörg Frauendiener, Stratos Boutloukos (both University of Tübingen) and Sascha Husa (AEI), as a common activity of the German transregional research network SFB/TR7 "Gravitational Wave Astronomy", the European Network of Theoretical Astroparticle Physics (ENTAPP) within ILIAS and the Albert Einstein Institute.

Local organisation was provided by numerous members of the AEI numerical relativity group.

The scientific programme was addressed to post-graduate scientists around the world and covered selected issues around the modeling of gravitational wave sources; consisting of lectures on selected topics by invited speakers, with ample time for discussions. A computer-lab devoted to numerical relativity and a poster session have given opportunities for active participation.

Material from Talks and Computer Lab Exercises

Links to the slides from the talks are provided from the schedule and list of abstracts. For the material from the computer labs check the tutorials page of the numerical relativity group.


Participants - please fill our feedback form - Thank You! For questions please contact the organizers by email at school04_AT_aei.mpg.de.

Image Gallery

Photographs from the school are available in resolutions 2272x1704 and 1250x937.

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