We have made block reservations at various hotels in Potsdam and Golm, which will give you a cheaper conference rate. Please make your own reservations as soon as possible by contacting the hotels directly by fax or telephone.

Landhotel Potsdam

Reiherbergstrasse 33
14476 Golm bei Potsdam
tel. +49(0)331/60119-0
fax +49(0)331/60119-500

25 rooms at 62,- € for a single room/breakfast included. This hotel is located directly in Golm, about 10 minutes walk away from our institute. Good train connections to Potsdam and Berlin, good bus connection to Potsdam city centre and Potsdam main station.

Best Western Parkhotel Potsdam

Forststrasse 80
14471 Potsdam
tel. 0331-9812-0
fax 0331-9812-100
Keyword for reservation: "Albert Einstein"

25 rooms at 77,- € for a single room/breakfast included.The Parkhotel is very close to the famous castle and park Sanssouci in Potsdam. There are good bus and train connections to both Potsdam city centre/Berlin and to the institute/Golm.

Hotel Voltaire

Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse 88
14467 Potsdam
tel. 0331-2317-0
fax 0331-2317-100
Keyword for reservation: "Albert Einstein"

10 rooms at 78,- € for a single room/breakfast included.The Voltaire is a traditional Prussian style hotel right in the city centre of Potsdam, only a few steps away from the old Dutch quarter. Good bus connection to the institute/Golm and to Potsdam main station.

Hotel Mercure

Lange Brücke
14467 Potsdam
tel. 0331-2722
fax 0331-2720233
Keyword for reservation: "Albert Einstein"

10 rooms at 79,- € for a single room/breakfast included.The Mercure is only a few steps away from Potsdam main station and from Potsdam city centre. There are good train connections to both Berlin and Golm and good bus connections to the institute/Golm.

Guesthouse rooms of the Albert Einstein Institute

The institute has two guesthouses, one directly at Golm Campus and another one at Reuterstrasse 23 in Potsdam/Babelsberg. There are still 2 rooms in Golm available (from 16,- to 21,- € per room and night without breakfast) and 4 rooms in Potsdam (from 16,- to 23,- € per room and night without breakfast). If you want to book one of those rooms, please contact Ute Schlichting <>. Directions to the guesthouses can be found here.

Of course, you can also book your own choice of hotel in Potsdam or Berlin. With some of them, we also have special rates, so ask Fr. Schlichting in this case before you do the reservation.

Travel details


The AEI web pages provide some information for getting to the institute.

Map of train station and meeting locations: golm.pdf
Detailed map of Golm campus: Campus-Lageplan.pdf
Potsdam city maps:
S-Bahn plan: berlin-sbahn.pdf

Public transit to Golm

The Landhotel is not far from Golm train station, which can be reached either by train or bus from Potsdam. For directions from Golm station to the Landhotel, see golm.pdf.

All hotels are located along the bus lines 606 or 605, which take you directly to Golm. Line 605 ends at Golm train station, from where you have only a few minutes to walk to the Landhotel and to the Max Planck Campus. Line 606 takes you directly to the Max-Planck-Campus.

Train timetable for Friday afternoon: train_friday.pdf (trains leave hourly from Potsdam Hbf)
Bus timetables for Friday afternoon: 605, 606
Train/Bus timetable for Saturday morning: transport_saturday.pdf

To Golm from Potsdam hotels

From the Hotel Mercure: Public transport is from the Potsdam Hbf, across the bridge from the hotel. Take the train to Golm (leaving hourly at :49 for Wustermark, or see the schedule above), or bus line 605 (to Bahnhof Golm) or bus line 606 (getting off at Weinmeisterstrasse).

From the Hotel Voltaire: Take the bus from "Platz der Einheit" and get out at Bahnhof Golm (line 605) or Weinmeisterstrasse (line 606).

From the Best Western Parkhotel: Take the bus from "Bahnhof Park Sansoucci", where you can also take the train (times about 4 min later than from the Hbf, listed above).

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